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Beck Components Makes Furniture The Way REAL Furniture Is Made...


In the age of mass-produced “name-brand” factory furniture, you can still rely on Beck Components to handcraft your pieces with the same attention to detail and quality that the masters did hundereds of years ago.


Wide tops are still made from gluing up narrower boards with, if called for, breadboard edges attached with mortise & Tenon joinery. Because solid wood moves with changes in temperature and humidity, we also assemble this type of joinery mostly unglued with wood dowels in a combination of round and slotted holes to allow table tops to move with the seasons. This type of construction takes time and costs more but a hundred years from now when succeeding generations are still enjoying the piece, what difference does that make,


Construction of the casework is equally important so in our work you’ll find premium details such as the top rail dovetailed into the leg, mortise & Tenon joinery of the legs into the apron and half-blind dovetail drawer construction where applicable.


Handcrafted furniture you can be proud of.

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